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Restaurants & Bars Towing Services


$0 Management Service


  • Tailored parking management solutions designed specifically for restaurants and bars.

  • Dedicated patrol services to maintain parking order and compliance during peak dining hours.

  • Comprehensive towing solutions for unauthorized vehicles hindering access to your establishment.

  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy restaurant and bar operations.


  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with convenient and accessible parking options.

  • Minimized revenue losses due to unauthorized parking and blocked access to your establishment.

  • Improved safety and security in your parking area, creating a welcoming environment for patrons.

  • Efficient handling of parking violations and enforcement processes, reducing administrative burden.

  • Customizable enforcement options to meet the unique needs and preferences of your restaurant or bar.


  • Choose between Patrol (P) or Limited Patrol (L) account types based on your establishment's parking needs.

  • Specify preferred start and stop enforcement times for limited patrol to align with peak dining hours.

  • Set contract start date/time for seamless integration with your operations.

Secure your restaurant & bar towing services

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